How Secure Are You with Your Smartphones?

Take a moment to think about apps used daily on your smartphone. Facebook? Twitter? Email? Web browser? No one wants to be stalked or let anyone see their personal information from their smartphones. Think about leaving your phone unlocked while you’re at home or unattended on your desk while going for meeting at work? What if someone looks at your messages on your phone or Facebook messenger? What if your colleague sees your emails that you sent to your boss regarding their behavior? It is one step closer to a hack into your privacy by leaving your phone out of your sight.

You should strongly consider the threats and risks related to keeping information saved in your phone. Having your phone locked always is a good starting point, but it is not the only means to secure your data and information. You also need to ensure that messages/emails you receive via various apps are not visible on screen while your phone is locked. You should be very careful about how, when, and where you access your phone. Users should always be careful of sensitive information being searched and stored in their smartphones.

The trend has also changed quite bit from last few years where people tend to use their personal cellphones lot more for their work. If you are someone who uses a personal phone to check and keep work emails, you should review and follow the guidelines from your company to ensure your work emails are secured at all times.

Source: Tripwire