Solus and Ubuntu MATE build new application menu

Solus and Ubuntu MATE projects are working in collaboration to build a better application menu for the MATE desktop environment. The new menu is called Brisk and is written in C in order to offer better performance. The This Week In Solus newsletter reports:

“Brisk Menu will be featured in the ISO snapshot for our Solus MATE Edition and the work done on Brisk Menu will be ported back to Budgie 11. Additionally, we’re proud to announce that the Ubuntu MATE project has expressed enthusiasm about Brisk Menu and is helping to fund development of it, so all MATE desktop users can benefit from a fast, modern menu implementation. The Ubuntu MATE project will be integrating Brisk Menu as soon as it can replace the core functionality of MATE Menu, and will see that Brisk Menu is packaged for Debian and made available in the Debian and Ubuntu archives.”

Source: Solus

  • Green Smith

    Ubuntu MATE has been super ahead of the game ever since their start.

    My Linux Mint should abondon Mint Mate as there’s zero point to it now.

    We only have limited resources in The Linux community and to constantly have multiple groups doing the same thing is pointless.