Ubuntu Touch to use Snap packages

People who are using Ubuntu on mobile devices will need to wait a while to receive new features and significant updates. According to a mailing list post from Pat McGowan, the developers of Ubuntu Touch are in the process of transitioning the operating system from using Click packages to Snap packages. The team is also putting a pause on new features while developers work to transition Ubuntu Touch from the Ubuntu 15.04 base to Ubuntu 16.04.

“There are new milestones defined on Launchpad, you can see the main focus is now on Xenial (which is the basis for Ubuntu Core 16 that we will use), and there are milestones assigned to Ubuntu Personal images which also encompasses the work for the Unity8 session on classic Ubuntu. How you can help is an excellent question, we certainly want to transition the Click apps to Snaps hence the earlier message to app developers. We will have more stable test images soon (for amd64 VMs and PC, and arm64 M10, we also have kiosk images for Dragonboard and R-Pi in progress) which should allow us to pick up the pace of the transition. There is also the Unity8 session on classic desktop available now but it also needs to stabilize. In short visit snapcraft.io, and start using and creating snaps in the standard desktop and in the Unity8 session and provide all the feedback you can.”

Source: Launchpad