Warner Bros. Is Considering a Return to The Matrix

Warner Bros. is apparently considering plugging back into its blockbuster science fiction franchise The Matrix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, nothing is set in stone just yet. Everything is in very early talks but screenwriter Zak Penn (Ready Player One, Last Action Hero, X-Men: The Last Stand) is on board to write. Michael B. Jordan is being considered to star, but the involvement of the Wachowskis, who created the universe, is not certain.

Also, this might not be a straight reboot. It may follow what Lucasfilm has done with Star Wars, which is take a well-known universe and mine it for side stories. But again, that’s just one of many early possibilities. For example, the Hollywood Reporter suggested a film that focuses on Morpheus first finding out about the Matrix himself could be a movie. You could also do the same thing for Trinity.

Source: Gizmodo